Tyrone Douglas

Tyrone Douglas  Raytown High School 1992

Tyrone Douglas, Raytown High School 1992

Following graduation from Raytown High School in 1992, Major Tyrone D. Douglas earned a degree in electrical engineering and computer science from the University of Kansas. He entered the Air Force in 1997 as an ROTC distinguished graduate from KU. He completed undergraduate pilot training at Laughlin AFB in Del Rio, Texas in 1998 as the distinguished graduate of class 98-12.

Major Douglas went on to the 61st Fighter Squadron an F-16 Fighter Training Unit, where he earned top honors and class 99-BBC Air-to-Ground Top Gun and Air-to-Air Top Pilot. He deployed three times over Iraq and Afghanistan while assigned to his first operational unit. 
Following his tour at Shaw AFB, Douglas was assigned to the 36th Fighter Squadron in South Korea. His next assignment was to Nellis AFB, Las Vegas NV, as an Aggressor pilot. This squadron trains pilots deploying for combat operations on potential airborne and ground-based threats. Here, Major Douglas married then Captain Trisha Harms, an Air Force Aerospace Physiologist, whom he met at Shaw AFB.

In May 2007, Major Douglas was accepted to the USAF Air Demonstration Squadron, the Thunderbirds. He served as a Solo Pilot, the 56th in team history and the first-ever African American Solo. He completed two years as a Thunderbird Solo, first as the Opposing Solo, then Lead Solo. During this time Tyrone and Trisha clebrated the birth of their twin daughters, Brooke and Reese.

Major Douglas is now the Assistant Director Operations (ADO) of the 25th Flying Training Squadron. The primary mission is to produce new Air Force pilots who will go on to fly fighter or bomber aircraft. In 2009 Tyrone graduated Magna Cum Laude from Touro University International earning his Masters in business administration.