Dr. Mark Hoffman

Dr. Mark Hoffman Dr. Mark Hoffman, Raytown South High School, Class of 1987

Dr. Mark Hoffman graduated from Raytown South High in 1987. Graduating from William Jewell, summa cum laude in 1991, he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Molecular Biology. He continued his education in 1996 receiving a Doctorate of Philosophy in Bacteriology with a minor in Biotechnology from the University of Wisconsin. 

Dr. Hoffman’s career has varied from formal scientific training in microbiology to a fascinating and satisfying career as a business executive and academic leader in applied bioinformatics.  He assembles and leads teams to build transformative systems that are widely utilized, whether in managing clinical molecular diagnostic labs, supporting clinical research initiatives or improving public health through better disease surveillance.  

He is an expert in the development and application of new technologies in health care. He joined the Cerner Corporation in 1997 as an application developer in microbiology, working his way up to Vice-President of Personalized Medicine in 2013.  His specialties include medical informatics, bioinformatics, personalized/precision medicine, translational medicine, clinical research, and outcomes research.  

Dr. Hoffman is an inventor on 19 issued patents and has several pending. He is a published author and lecturer, including a TED presentation.  In 2004, he was awarded the Cerner Outstanding Intellectual Property Achievement Award and the Cerner Innovation of the Year Award, along with other inventors and Cerner’s legal department for the “Patent Program.” He was recently inducted into the National Academy of Inventors.

Currently, Dr. Hoffman is the Chief Research Information Officer for Children’s Mercy Hospital. He is also an Associate Professor of Biomedical and Health Informatics at the University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Medicine. 

Dr. Hoffman enjoys mentoring students and contributing to “light bulb moments” of insight through both research and teaching. He and his wife, Ruth, also a graduate of Raytown South, are proud parents to two wonderful daughters, Jordan and Sophia.