Middle and High School Sports and Activities

Middle and High School Sports and Activities

To follow sports and activities schedules, please visit http://bit.ly/39tIqOQ and select your school. Subscribe to middle and high schools YouTube channels to watch live sports and activities. School channels will primarily feature home competitions and activities. Also, please note that middle schools are beginning the process to stream sports and activities, it may take some time before they begin to post. Subscribe now so you can receive notifications when middle schools begin to post.

Raytown High School Activities - http://bit.ly/3gTNk9b

Raytown South High School Sports and Activities - http://bit.ly/3qepTfY

Raytown Central Middle School Sports and Activities - http://bit.ly/35Fy50O

Raytown Middle School Sports and Activities 

- RMS Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNobGVSxJ27YWqn9nYbbB4w

- RMS Google Calendar of RMS Sports & Activites - GC Link 

- Rschool - http://bit.ly/39yYpuO

Raytown South Middle School Sports and Activities - http://bit.ly/38IVEIj