David Albright, Raytown High School, Class of 1972

David Albright, Raytown High School, Class of 1972 

Albright  David Albright graduated from Raytown High in 1972. After graduation, David worked locally as a photographer and video producer for Hallmark Cards for over 36 years. He used his vacation time to travel around the world helping non-profits, missionaries, and meaningful causes as a video producer. During this time, David was the recording

engineer on a short children’s film that was accepted into film festivals around the country. In 2008, he became the founder and CEO of Albright Productions, continuing his career as a photographer and video producer under his own brand.

David was diagnosed with retinal detachment in both eyes in 2014. He gradually adjusted to his loss of vision with the support of his family and the life skills learned at Alphapointe, an organization dedicated to vision rehabilitation, education and advocacy, empowering people with vision loss to

achieve their goals and aspirations. Though his vocation as a photographer and video producer could not be recovered after his loss of vision, he soon realized that outside of driving, he could do just about anything. As David’s vision

began to deteriorate, he took an interest in woodworking and started attending workshops in Napa Valley. Now advanced in this new trade, David demonstrates at the annual American Association of Woodturners Conference, and he continues to

give back, teaching blind students to turn wood. David is determined to continue to serve despite his vision loss and currently leads a small group at church, is the vice-president of Knowledge Bases and Related Tools (KBART), is a member of the Ham Operator Club, and volunteers at Avenue of Life in Kansas City, Kansas. He was named Volunteer of the Year for Angel Flight Central and for Women Vision International.

From teenage summers as a Scout camp counselor to teaching community college photography classes as an adult, David has always enjoyed helping others understand what they can do with the right skills and motivation. By helping people see that his blindness has not led to depression and fear, he has helped sighted people, and those in the process of losing their own sight, understand that blindness does not lessen the fullness of life.